30% of congregations will need to take a critical look at their property use over the next 10 years.

Many congregations are property rich and cash poor.  They face dwindling attendance, shrinking cash reserves and spiraling expenses.

These challenges are emotionally draining for congregations and put great pressure on church leaders to make the right decision when they often lack information and experience in church real estate planning.

Many congregations are afraid that the only property option they have is to close and sell their church.  This is NOT true.

Some congregations have redeveloped or subdivided their property to include assisted housing, to become a hub facility for community service groups or to partner with local arts, dance or music groups, all to better serve God’s people.  These projects have led to greater involvement in the community and financial security.

The United Church of Canada’s EDGE group is developing a real estate planning process with which to work with Conferences, Presbyteries and congregations to provide unbiased property information.  This process:

  1. Gives congregations what they need when considerinCooperationg sale or redevelopment to ensure all options are considered and the highest and best value is achieved.
  2. Protects the interests of the congregation from powerful and highly motivated real-estate or property development groups that may not have the churches interests first and foremost.
  3. Provides tools to deal with the emotional issues and undercurrents which arise when dealing with church building development.
  4. Ensures that the congregation’s vision of mission is integral to the processes.
  5. Provides these services in a cost effective way for the congregation by accessing government grants and by developing strong and effective service partnerships

EDGE is here to help you make your property decisions with all of the information that you need.  Why?  To help your congregation be energized by its mission so that you can become all that God is calling you to be.

Please call us if:

  • You feel burdened by the cost of maintaining your property
  • You feel your church property may have unrealized value
  • You want to develop a real estate plan for the future, OR
  • Even if you are about to or have already decided to sell – there is still time to look at other options or to reassess your selling price.

Contact Carla for more information.

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