IMNA LogoThe Identity Mission and Needs Analysis (IMNA) survey is a new online tool offered by EDGE to develop effective and sustainable ministry in a new day.  It is effective for assessing both your current gifts and identity and a clear and vital mission into the future.

Through IMNA, which gathers input from all the people of your congregation, you will give everyone in your faith community – not just the leadership – a chance to have their say about the future of your church. And as you will see when you complete the survey, the questions have been designed to uncover the issues that are relevant to United churches across the country. They get at exactly what you need to know about your congregation’s needs and priorities.

IMNA is easy to administer.  The first step is to indicate your intent to participate, by registering here. Participation will require one person in your congregation to take responsibility for announcing and promoting the survey. An easy-to-understand “on-line electronic package” will be provided to facilitate this process, which will include promotional material, data collection dates, frequently asked questions, etc.

Once your church has registered, you have decided on a launch date and promoted the survey to your congregation, all the people of the congregation have to do is visit the IMNA website, which is a secure and confidential website where they will find a questionnaire for completion.

The questionnaire, which is professionally designed, is interesting and even a bit provocative. We think that most people will find that completing it is an enjoyable activity!

Once the people of your congregation have had a chance to participate in the survey, your congregation’s leadership will receive a customized report on the views of your congregation. Where appropriate, the findings will be placed in a larger context so that you can compare yourself to national results for United churches across the country. Eventually, we hope to be able to provide you with information on United churches that have been deemed vital and flourishing, so that you can see how your church compares and the conditions that may need to be in place to secure a strong future for your congregation’s mission and ministry.

Your report will be accompanied by some guidelines on how to interpret the findings so as to develop action plans and next steps. If desired, a consultant can be made available to provide greater insight on how to get the most from the survey information and put the findings to work.

The non-refundable fee to participate in IMNA is $800 per congregation (or pastoral charge). Depending on budgets, congregations will pay the fee directly to EDGE or through an arrangement with presbytery.

Here are some questions that you may want to reflect upon to help you decide whether participation in IMNA is right for your congregation. If you answer “yes” to one or more of the questions, we think IMNA is for you and encourage you to sign up at your earliest convenience!

  • Do you want to have a clear idea of your congregation’s priorities for mission and ministry, so that you can effectively embark on a visioning or re-missioning process, and develop or update a mission statement and strategic plan?
  • Do you want to assess your congregation’s openness to change as you design or implement a plan for thriving in the 21st century? Do you know the extent to which your congregation may be open to new forms of worship and new ways of “being church”?
  • Do you want to analyze how best to address the needs of the people of your congregation, whether you are initiating a search for a new minister or considering some other major new direction such as amalgamation?

Armstrong Research is the full service research company that is working to deliver IMNA to congregations across the country. Armstrong Research has a long and rich history of providing The United Church of Canada with research-based insights. For more information about the company, please visit their website.

For more information on IMNA, you can view our FAQs, and contact EDGE at 1-800-268-3781 ext. 4157 or by email, or contact Armstrong Research directly.

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