How to Apply Demographic Insights to Shape Seeker-Sensitive Ministries

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How do I interpret demographic information? How do I merge statistics about trends with decisions about ministry? What kind of pastor does our church need to reach the public outside our doors? What kind of refreshments should we serve on Sunday morning? What kinds of small group affinities will attract the interest of new people? What kinds of outreach choices will motivate our volunteers? Where should we locate an off-site mission? What kind of alternative worship service will reach seekers around us? How can we customize our fund raising strategy to be more effective?!

If you are an externally focused church leader, then this webinar is for you. Tom will explain how growing churches uses demographic information to customize effective ministries. He will help you interpret data, and combine it with your own listening strategies. You can learn how to integrate demographic insights with strategic planning, and align the mission of your church with spiritual yearnings of the public.

Presenter: Tom Bandy

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