Exploring Open Source

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The concept of “open source” – free and open sharing of technology, design and knowledge is quickly becoming a disruptive element in fields of software (where it started) and hardware development, and education, to name but a few. This is in part a result of expectations around mass collaboration, crowdsourcing and shared wisdom that is a ‘given’ for digital natives.

This has interesting and perhaps startling ramifications for the church community. For example, consider the large part technology is playing in your world these days. What role does the community of developers (apps, gadgets, and software) play in areas of faith and spirituality? What is the source of any talent and ability that we have? What happens when ideas are shared instead of being licensed for financial gain? These are all questions that guided Peter Chynoweth during a four month sabbatical in 2012. Explore and discuss the things he learned, and the role that “open source” may play not only in the world around the corner, but in your faith community and your spiritual discoveries.

Presenter: Peter Chynoweth

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