Evolutionary Christian Mysticism

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Bruce Sanguin had an awakening experience on the shore of Narragansett, Rhode Island. He realized that he was the presence of the universe, in human form, evolving. He underwent an irreversible transformation of consciousness that involved his realization of unity with All That Is. Following this experience, his theological and spiritual orientation began to shift. In this webinar he will share the story of his spiritual and theological transformation.

Is evolution the godless, directionless, and purposeless process that the New Atheists make it out to be? Or can it be imagined as a divine strategy for bringing forth a world? What does it mean to be Christian when we know that the the evolutionary process itself has gained the capacity for conscious awareness, in, through, and as us? Who do we say that Jesus is, in a post-Darwinian, scientific age, in which evolution describes the fundamental nature of the universe? How do we understand “sin” in an evolutionary theology? These and other questions will be explored.

Presenter: Bruce Sanguin

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