Emergence Christianity

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Our discussion will begin with a brief overview of the historical context within which we 21st century Christians are trying to do and be Church today. That discussion will immediately introduce us to the Great Emergence and to the Emergence Christianity that is arising out from, and as a result of, it. We will spend some time talking about what exactly we mean by the words “Emergence Christianity,” where as a phenomenon it is occurring, and why.

From there, we will attempt to summarize briefly, but usefully, the mind-set, theology, ecclesiology, and concerns that inform Emergence. We will conclude our time by looking at some of the implications of all of this for us as contemporary, latinized Christians, whether we have chosen to worship in, and attach ourselves to, fresh expressions of Church or Inherited Church, Emergence Christianity or denominational Protestantism, hierarchical Roman Catholicism, synodical Anglicanism, or historic Orthodoxy.

Presenter: Phyllis Tickle

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