Celebrating Gender Diversity: Five Stories

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As we seek to fully celebrate God’s diversity, understanding gender identity plays an integral role. Trans* people face many barriers in society—barriers that are often present in the church as well.

This webinar will help you learn more about the lived experience of trans and genderqueer people in the United Church of Canada. Deepen your personal ministry and/or your church’s affirming ministry, by listening to and learning from the experience of trans people of faith.

* Trans refers to a person who has a gender identity that is different from the gender they were assigned at birth, and/or expresses their gender in ways that differ from societal expectations. Trans is often used as a substitute for transgender, to include people of a variety of gender identities (such as genderqueer). 

Genderqueer is someone who does not necessarily identify as a man or a woman, may identify as both a man and a woman, or identifies outside the confines of traditional Western ideas of gender.

New Resource for more Information: The United Church’s new trans and gender identity kit, “Celebrating Gender Diversity” explores gender identity and the integral role it plays in creating welcoming and affirming communities. Download your free copy today.

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