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Fishing Tips

Spend an hour with Hillhurst United Church minister John Pentland! In his recent book, “Fishing Tips,” John offers an open invitation to be curious. Using an ancient story as inspiration, he reflects on how Hillhurst United said “Yes” to throwing the nets on the other side of convention. The result was innovative, invigorating and transformative. More Info »
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by edge

Getting Small Groups Right

Small groups and peer mentoring is far and away the most effective strategy to mature Christians, include newer and younger people, and empower volunteers. But it isn't easy to transition a traditional committee and task-based church into a small group church. This webinar coaches the basic principles and strategies for small groups in mainstream churches. More Info »
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by sbuttrey

The Culture of Small Groups

Small Groups .... A great idea.... but difficult to sustain. How do you create Small Groups that are transformative in people’s lives and the life of the church, and that will continue to flourish? Over the years, when I have done workshops on Small Groups, I have shared a structure that is described in handouts. More Info »
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by sbuttrey

Reweaving theconnectional fabricthat makes us United.

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New Ministry Development

Innovative faith formation initiatives, and traditional church plants. A mixed economy of renewed, relevant, and engaging ministries. We actively support many of these ongoing initiatives.

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