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Fishing Tips

Spend an hour with Hillhurst United Church minister John Pentland! In his recent book, “Fishing Tips,” John offers an open invitation to be curious. Using an ancient story as inspiration, he reflects on how Hillhurst United said “Yes” to throwing the nets on the other side of convention. The result was innovative, invigorating and transformative. More Info »
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by edge

Evolutionary Christian Mysticism

Bruce Sanguin had an awakening experience on the shore of Narragansett, Rhode Island. He realized that he was the presence of the universe, in human form, evolving. He underwent an irreversible transformation of consciousness that involved his realization of unity with All That Is. Following this experience, his theological and spiritual orientation began to shift. More Info »
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by sbuttrey

Emergence Christianity

Our discussion will begin with a brief overview of the historical context within which we 21st century Christians are trying to do and be Church today. That discussion will immediately introduce us to the Great Emergence and to the Emergence Christianity that is arising out from, and as a result of, it. We will spend More Info »
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by sbuttrey

Naked Spirituality

In Naked Spirituality, Brian McLaren draws upon and integrates the work of several leaders in the fields of spiritual formation and human development to propose a four- stage model of spiritual development. Within that framework, he proposes twelve basic practices or postures of the heart that are essential to a life with God, rooting each More Info »
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by sbuttrey

Re-Imagining Jesus

Historically, our creeds have affirmed that Jesus was both fully human and fully divine. Roman Catholic priest, and paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, believed that we had entered into a scientific age when a third category needed to be added to appreciate the evolutionary significance of Jesus: fully cosmic. In this webinar we will explore More Info »
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by edge

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Innovative faith formation initiatives, and traditional church plants. A mixed economy of renewed, relevant, and engaging ministries. We actively support many of these ongoing initiatives.

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