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Already Missional

Presenting a congregational development tool called Already Missional, which is available to EDGE consultants working with United Churches.  United Church parishioners are often leaders and volunteers in the local community’s social service sector.  The already-missional model explores these established community partnerships to build the congregation’s capacity for mission.  The webinar will describe the tool’s “missional readiness questions” More Info »
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by sbuttrey

Introduction to Vision Days

Have you ever said, “I’m pretty sure our church has a vision statement but God only knows what it is.” “I’m not sure how I would describe our church to a new comer.” “We just don’t have enough volunteers to keep things going as they are.” “Another deficit budget?” If you have then your congregation More Info »
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by sbuttrey

EDGE: A Network for Ministry Development

Join us for this exciting look at the EDGE of Ministry and Mission today. In a time of transition something is giving way, and something new is coming into being. God is doing something new in the world and we stand at the edge of this new thing, the question is how will we respond: More Info »
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by sbuttrey

The Hope Collection

We are starting off this year's EDGE webinars with an intentional focus on hope! Taking time to ground ourselves in a narrative of hope, by learning about the EDGE network's exciting new project, The Hope Collection. Trisha will tell the story of the Hope Collection, highlight the upcoming resource, and tell some of the stories More Info »
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by sbuttrey

Property: Challenges & Resources

We've heard that you want to talk about property! There's a hunger in the church for more resources and support on property issues. Across Canada, The United Church owns a lot of property, so it's not surprising that many have questions on redevelopment, repurposing and sale of property, as more communities of faith look at More Info »
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by sbuttrey

Reweaving theconnectional fabricthat makes us United.

See some stories of hope
from across Canada and the world.

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New Ministry Development

Innovative faith formation initiatives, and traditional church plants. A mixed economy of renewed, relevant, and engaging ministries. We actively support many of these ongoing initiatives.

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